Eastlawn Memorial Hills Cemetery was established in 1952 by Provo, Utah residents David Spencer Grow and his wife Arta Lind Grow. In the early 50’s, the Grows owned several parcels of beautiful foothill property in Provo. Mr. Grow was approached by a group of businessmen who were interested in obtaining some of his prime land in hopes of building an endowed care cemetery. As he considered their purchase proposal, Mr. Grow could see that this particular ground could indeed, provide an ideal location for a one-of-a-kind memorial park. He turned down the purchase offer and set to work creating what became know as Eastlawn Memorial Hills.

In the beginning, Eastlawn was outside the city limits of Provo with only graveled roads connecting to its paved entrance lane. Over the years, the city has grown and incorporated Eastlawn into its boundaries, but because of Eastlawn’s unique hilltop location, it still maintains the serenity and peaceful environment that is so appreciated by our clients.

Eastlawn was conceived as and became a Perpetual Care Cemetery which requires a care fund being in place that makes possible the present and future management and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. A small amount from each plot sale is directly deposited into the Eastlawn Care Fund which has grown over the years, assuring that Eastlawn will continue to be the beautiful memorial park it is today.

Eastlawn began with only two gardens under cultivation, carefully designed by an insightful naturalist, Elgin Oliphant. Mr. Oliphant planted and cared for Eastlawn for many years, resulting in the foundational work that set the stage for the beautiful grounds you see today.

Over the years, Eastlawn has expanded until there are now about eighteen acres incorporated in its landscaped grounds. It also has ownership interest in thirty adjoining acres and could eventually accommodate over 100,000 additional grave sites.

Eastlawn Memorial Hills prides itself in creating a peaceful, cared-for environment that facilitates honoring and remembrance of loved ones. We hope you enjoy your visits here.