Grave Markers/HeadStones

All grave markers installed must meet the following requirements:

  1. Number.  No more than two (2) markers per lot shall be permitted regardless of the number of interments in the lot.
  2. Size.  All grave markers shall be placed on a concrete foundation at least six (6) inches thick in one continuous pour, or one solid piece of granite (6) inches thick. Markers shall be a maximum of forty (40) inches in width for single burials, and eighty (80) inches in width for double burials. (This includes the concrete/granite border). No markers shall exceed forty eight (48) inches in length.
  3. Mow Strip. All grave markers must be surrounded by a minimum of a four (4) inch border of concrete or granite that will act as a mowing strip. A grave marker shall not be installed unless it meets the specifications listed in this subsection. Due to its cement composition, patrons should anticipate degradation to this mow strip over time. Eastlawn is not liable for any damage to the mow strip due to causes beyond its control including cracking and weathering.
  4. Type and Placement.  All grave markers shall be placed flush with the soil level. No upright markers shall be allowed in the Cemetery.  All markers shall be placed at the West end of the lot. Markers in the Cemetery face west; meaning viewers are facing east when reading the marker.  Traditional burials normally have the husband on the right (or South) and the wife on the left (or North). Companion burials are performed in a traditional manner, unless requested otherwise. Any other setting must be cleared by the Cemetery Sexton. Eastlawn is not liable for headstones set incorrectly.
  5. Removal and Resetting of Grave Markers. Once a grave marker has been installed, Eastlawn shall not be responsible for the removal and resetting of that grave marker.  It shall be the responsibility of the burial right grantee or the mortuary performing a funeral service, to arrange a monument company to remove any grave marker impeding the opening of a grave. The grave marker must be removed at least 24 hours prior to the opening of the grave. Eastlawn shall not be liable for any damage to the grave marker or vases that may occur during the removal or resetting process.


Eastlawn is not responsible for any damage(s) to a grave marker due to or by fault caused accidentally or intentionally by any outside influence beyond Eastlawn’s normal grounds maintenance and responsibility. Should any individual accidentally or intentionally cause damage to a grave marker or vase, that individual is accountable for the damage.  If no culpable party is found, the burial right grantee or their designee is responsible for any costs associated with correcting or replacing a grave marker or vase. Eastlawn is not responsible for any damage to a grave marker due to Acts of God, or other natural disaster whether or not man-made or degradation of materials used in the burial or grave marker installation and setting process.


Grave Marker care fee must be paid prior to installation.




All benches installed must be preauthorized by the Cemetery Sexton and meet the following requirements.

  1. Party must have a total of 10+ lots within Eastlawn.
  2. Pay the required bench fee prior to installation.
  3. Bench must be made of stone.
  4. Flat slab top of forty-eight (48) inches. Benches with and without backs are allowed.
  5. Bench must be mounted on concrete slab of six (6) inches thick.


Benches are installed only around the perimeter of the gardens